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November 01, 2021

Use the following template to send over your request for your opponent to accept your challenge. Please feel free to personalize, the required information is noted. Make sure you include on your invite!
TO:               “Challenge Recipient”
Subject:      I Challenge You to Support Employee Ownership!
I am challenging [you/your company/your team] to help raise funds to support employee ownership through the Employee Ownership Foundation’s first annual ESOPATHON!
I, NAME, will be ACTIVITY and raising $GOAL for the Foundation to ensure that more Americans have access to the many benefits of employee ownership and that employee-owned companies like ours can continue to prosper in our economy. I challenge you, NAME, to set your own activity and raise $GOAL with me. 
If you accept this challenge, it will begin on BEGIN DATE and will end END*. Any funds we have ALREADY RAISED* will NOT be included in our challenge. Our challenge will be measured on MEASUREMENT*.
If you are up for the challenge and haven’t registered yet, you can do so here. Once you’re registered let me and the Employee Ownership Foundation know you’re game by responding to this email!

*END: Please include specific date or your goal amount to signify the when the challenge end.
*ALREADY RAISED: If you would like to include previous money raised in your challenge, please note this here.
*MEASURMENT: per-capita or total funds raised.