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FAQ Challenges


November 01, 2021

FAQ about Challenges

What types of challenges are there?
There are two types of challenges you can make. The first challenge is based on time. For example, Team A challenges Team B to see who can raise the most in a specific period of time – say one week. The second type of challenge is called “first to the post” where the winner in this challenge is the team that reaches a specific goal first. So, team A challenges Team B to raise $10,000 for the Foundation. The first to reach the goal wins the challenge!

What if the team I want to challenge is smaller/larger than mine?
Companies and teams are different sizes. So, in the situation where a team of 30 was competing against a team of 100, your challenge can be measured based on averages instead of total to level the playing field a bit. This would be a per-capita challenge, so the challenge would display the total amount raised divided by the number of participants provided by either you or the fundraiser/registrant.

What if I want to challenge another participant but one of us has already been collecting funds?
When you participate in a challenge both fundraisers start with a base of zero unless otherwise noted. You do not need to start a new fundraising page, nor does it impact your campaign’s overall goal, the offset only applies to the goal set in your challenge.

Can I challenge multiple participants at the same time?
Yes, you can be in as many challenges as you would like. However, each challenge can only be between two individuals or two teams (your entire company is a team, for example).

What if we want to change our challenge after it has already started?
That is not a problem! Just email to notify us of these changes.

Is there a minimum fundraising goal to participate in challenges?
Due to the number of challenges anticipated, we ask that the minimum fundraising goal per challenge is $1,000 combined. That means each team or individual would agree to raise or donate at least $500 to boost employee ownership.

How can I monitor my challenge?
Challenges should post within 24-48 hours of acceptance. You can monitor your challenges on the ESOPATHON website home page or by clicking here.

Can I show my challenge in my fundraising page?
Challenges are not automatically linked on your personal page. We encourage you to include a link to any challenge you are participating in so your team and supporters can monitor the result. You can do this by logging into your account and editing your “Welcome Message.” You also can post updates on your challenge in your campaign activity section.

Will my pledges show in my challenge total?
Only funds that have been collected can be applied to your challenge. If you have outstanding pledges and a challenge is about to end, feel free to email your pledges and encourage them to make their donation now.

What do I need to do to participate in a challenge?
Any two registered participants, either individual or a team, can participate in a challenge. To start the challenge process, you must:
Create your own campaign page and Invite the individual/team you challenge to do the same!

I’m registered- now what?
1. Register on our website for your own personalized page.
2. Send an invitation to your Challenge Participant using the template here.

I’d like to use my own email to invite someone to my challenge, what exactly do I need to know to do this?
Feel free to invite anyone you wish to challenge in your own manner, we just need one email to confirm this challenge with the following details to get your challenge up and running: Please email the following information to the following information:
  • Name and contact info of Participant/Team
  • Name and contact info of Participant/Team 2
  • Challenge Goal $
  • Is this a per-capita challenge?
  • The amount your challenge will start at (if other than zero)
  • If a time challenge, the date and specific time the challenge will end.