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Challenge Your Peers!


November 01, 2021



ESOPATHON gives you, your company, or your team the chance to compete and challenge others to do the same – all to help advance employee ownership!

Does your company have multiple locations? Maybe the Chicago location can challenge the St. Louis location to see which can raise more!

What about those Kansas-based folks you met at the conference in Las Vegas? Yep…bring it on!

You can even take your challenge to social media – record a short video challenging a peer to raise money for the foundation and share it with the hashtags #ESOPATHON and #EOChallenge.

To Start a Challenge:

  1. Register on our website to create your own personal page.
  2. To challenge another individual participant, another team, or another company please fill out this quick form or send an ESOP Challenge email on your own using this template here. If you choose to send your own email please make sure to copy so we can confirm the challenge!

5 Quick Facts about Challenges

  1.  Challenges can be based on a time period or a fundraising goal.

  2. Challenges can be measured by company size to make a level playing field.

  3. You can participate in more than one challenge at a time.

  4. Only funds collected count towards your challenge.

  5. To participate in a challenge requires a minimum combined goal of $1,000.

To learn more about challenges please visit our Challenge FAQs here.