Thank you to everyone who participated in ESOPATHON!

We are overwhelmed and impressed at the support from the entire employee ownership community. If you plan to send a check, please email so we can include your pledge in our final tally.

We look forward to announcing our ESOPATHON 2022 grand total at The ESOP Association's Employee Owned Conference in Las Vegas.


ESOPATHON is an employee ownership engagement and fundraising program for the Employee Ownership Foundation, held annually each fall through the end of October's Employee Ownership Month.

How can you get involved?

1. Participate! Start your own campaign and get your company to set up a team!
2. Recruit! Encourage other employee owners to do the same and participate in ESOPATHON!
3. Contribute! Make your own contribution today!

Our goal?

Change the future of business ownership in America forever.

  • TI-TRUST just donated $5270.00
  • Carey Chen just donated $250.00
  • Yeshua Stathoa just donated $26.38
  • Andrew S. Ward just donated $520.00
  • Chartwell Financial Advisory, Inc. just donated $3378.80
  • Gail Kirby just donated $26.38
  • Elizabeth Lawrence just donated $69.63
  • lisay just donated $15.83
  • Rick Stott just donated $263.75
  • Derrick Vick just donated $3020.00
  • Charmaine Vincent just donated $2.11
  • katherine dudley just donated $89.00
  • Anonymous just donated $1.06
  • Karen Edwards just donated $8.44
  • Karen just registered for ESOPATHON 2022
  • Norman Gale just donated $10.50
  • Anonymous just donated $21.10
  • Jack Benjamin just donated $54.00
  • Christie Kane just donated $1780.00
  • John Anderson just donated $5.28

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Carey Chen


Yeshua Stathoa


Andrew S. Ward


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Gail Kirby


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Rick Stott


Derrick Vick


Charmaine Vincent


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