Get Involved

ESOPATHON is your opportunity to stand with your peers
and support employee ownership and your ESOP.

When you participate in ESOPATHON, the funds you raise fuel the mission of the Employee Ownership Foundation and help expand access to employee ownership.

Participating is easy! All you have to do is:

Register to set up your own page.

Personalize your page to tell your story and connect.

Create or join a team at your company or fundraise solo.

Contact your colleagues, your friends, and your family.

Tips for getting started:


Make your website personal by sharing why you support employee ownership.

Lead by example

Donate to yourself to show your committed.

Utilize the tools

Send pre-drafted emails directly from your dashboard.


Tap into your social network!


Keep your supporters engaged throughout Employee Ownership Month by posting updates on your website.

Choosing your activity

ESOPATHON was built to be more flexible and accommodating than a traditional 5K or walk. During registration and any time during ESOPATHON you can choose or edit your activity.

Activity is tracked by Units. Units allows you to track whatever you want. Want to read 4 books during the month of October? What to run 4 miles? What about volunteer 4 hours?  Make your unit goal and tell people what you are tracking and ask them to pledge against your goal in the editable welcome message text on your personal page.

If you have any questions about participating in ESOPATHON please do not hesitate to email

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