Employees from companies of all sizes can make a difference by participating in ESOPATHON.

The benefits of creating a team:

Team Building

A fun way to gather employee owners regardless of location to advance employee ownership in America.

Company Visibility

Increases company visibility and shows its commitment to its employee owners. 


A unique way for employee owners to meet and challenge other departments and locations.


ESOPATHON is a great way to educate employees, their communities and the public about employee ownership during Employee Ownership Month.


Promotes team spirit and increases office morale.


Creates partnerships with other ESOPs and employee owners in their community.

Getting Started

Creating your team should be intentional. People who participate on a team have a higher success rate than individual participants, so consider splitting your team by division or department or locations. However, teams don’t necessarily need to be tied to a company, you can have a family team, sports league team, or any group that wants to participate together. All you need to get started is at least one person to sign-up and create a team. This person will be the Team Captain.

The Team Captain can assign co-captains and will be charged with recruiting additional participants, setting up the team Web page, and keep everyone excited and motivated. Once you have created your team(s) consider offering some friendly competition by participating in a challenge either internally or another ESOP in your community.

National Teams

Say your ESOP company creates teams for each department, ESOPATHON staff has the ability to create one National Team that ties all department teams together. For more information about forming a National Team or to learn about other ways your company can get involved, contact

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